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I've always liked this style of animation. The movement if very smooth and I like how the colors of the skater pop against the black and white world. I agree with some others that music would have been nice.


Best holiday ever. Take that ground hog day!

So odd

Just weird and fun. :)

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Pretty cool

This is a pretty cool twist on color matching puzzle games. At least I've never seen it done this way before. I think it might be a little to frantic at the start for some people but I had fun playing.

I guess my only real complaint would be that when you have a huge clump of the same color only a handful vanish when you click. I'm not saying your choice to only kill a small perimeter is bad, I'm just used to it in other puzzle games so it throws me off when I don't see the whole stack vanish.

So good, so classic

Man this makes me think of Game & Watch and those Tiger hand held games. So well done. :)


It's interesting but there really isn't any strategy to it other than wiggle your mouse around. I'd like to see if you could expand on this idea and make it a little more engaging.

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This song takes me back

This is my favorite tune from that game. This is a decent mix but I'm not getting into some of the instrument choices you made. It sounds a little like it's all bleeding together. Still this is pretty good and you have awesome taste in music. :)

Very well done.

I think this is one of the harder songs from this game for people to remake. Maybe it's just my attachment to the game or personal tastes, but I think most remakes fall short. This one however is very good. It manages to bring back the same feelings from that summer so long past when I first arrived in the pure lands. Everything sounds perfect.

MusicWizard responds:

Thank you very much!


This took me back to the first summer I played this game. I can't think of many games that reach the level of greatness this one achieved and this piece does it justice. Congrats!

SupraDarky responds:

Ah yes, I also played the game during summer. Great times! I'm glad you like the song.

I'm a half decent artist with a love for video games. My ultimate goal is to work in the industry and make games for a living. For the moment though I work as a jack of all trades artist for a general art team.

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