Buying a home

2010-09-15 21:49:53 by OrinCreed

Been away for a while. My personal life has been put on hold while my fiance and I go through the motions of buying our first house.
So far things have gone very smoothly. :)

we found a nice house much faster than we thought possible. It's a bit smaller than we had aimed for and doesn't have a basement or garage. However the place was totally redone and looks like new. All new appliances too accept the washer and dryer. We recently put in an offer and have moved into attorney review. Baring any unforeseen calamity we should be new home owners in about 2 months time.

This means I won't be able to work on my projects for a while. Hope you guys don't mind waiting.

-Mike R


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2010-09-21 20:29:02

I see where you're coming from; I'm still living with my parents and would like to move out, but can't find anything at the moment.


2010-10-29 04:00:36

Hey, congrats on finding a place! My fiancee and I have already found a pretty swank apartment ourselves and now, for her birthday, I am gonna buy her a new car. I can totally comprehend, my friend.

As for waiting for new projects, I'm game, no pun intended. This is your life, man. Enjoy yourself! Take care, Mike!


2010-11-21 13:31:02

Of course we don't mid waiting :D Just don't be gone as long as AlvinTheEarthworm

Oh and congrats on the house! Have a happy life