New art and a IDIR 2 progress report.

2010-07-19 17:49:16 by OrinCreed

I picked up my first smart phone the other day and so far I'm really glad that I did. Once i found out I could make my own ring tones and desktops I instantly set out to create some retro ring tones and a Retro Mike themed desktop. Head to the gallery and check out what I made if you haven't already. :)

Still working on IDIR2. It's not that it's hard to make these things, but they are technically very complicated. These animations just have a ton of busy work that takes more time than I have available. If I could sit and work on these things for extended periods of time I could make them pretty quickly. Most of the time is eaten up by sprite gathering. I rip all my own sprites to make sure they are accurate. I've noticed a lot of sprite sheets have color and aspect errors. Then there is sprite customization to make them look like me, or to create frames of animation that don't exist. The rest of the time is eaten up by actually playing the games I'm emulating to compare the animation to it and make sure it looks right. Once all that busy work is out of the way the actual animation part is pretty easy. So thanks for everyone being so patient in waiting for the next IDIR.

IDIR the game is still getting started. All the assets are gathered, I just need to get things squared with my programmer friend. I suggested we work in flash but I think he has his heart set on silver light.

In the mean time I'll try to upload some other work I did for people soon. I think you guys will like it.

Thanks for watching guys!

-Mike R


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2010-08-06 05:32:39

So what games are you going to use for IDIR2? If you're not going to have another dream like that, and you probably aren't, then you can use whichever games you want, right?

OrinCreed responds:

Well I don't really want to give anything away as far as the games are concerned. One of them is a sequel to a game used in the first animation though. I actually did have another dream that the next animation is going to be based on. I'm changing it up though to work in a small story.


2010-08-29 16:04:28

Oooh i did just se part one, and it did hit me like a dream fome my childhood.
I can't wait to see part two now :D


2010-09-10 08:18:42

IDIR was great. Cant wait to check out IDIR2. The game if ever made should be verrry interesting. Cant wait to see how it works out... Good luck getting it made :P


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