I Dream In Retro: The Game?

2010-06-15 20:53:29 by OrinCreed

People asked for it, we'll try to deliver.

When I posted "I Dream In Retro" I didn't expect the reaction it got. I knew fans of retro games would like it, but I thought most would dismiss it because it was a sprite animation. The welcome has been overwhelmingly positive though and I can't ignore the barrage of requests to make it playable anymore. So I'm looking for feedback from the people who wanted this to happen.

I got my friend Ken on board as programmer. Here is what we have in mind so far.

It's our first attempt at making a game so I don't know how long it will take. I've already worked out a decent idea for a control scheme. It should make using the different weapons simple and fun if it works how I imagine it. We have been told that even a short mini game consisting of the dreams 4 levels and boss fight would be fun so thats our goal. This way we can keep our first try simple and focus on making a game that plays well. There will of course be some new power ups added and I'm open for suggestions.

That's the basic idea so far. I hope those who wanted to see a playable version of the dream will enjoy it even if it is short. And hey, I plan on making more IDIR animations, so maybe they can be "previews" of future level expansions. No promises on that though. Just a fun idea for right now.

So let us know what you think and what you would like to see.

-Mike R


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2010-06-15 21:01:24

that was what my dream was about last night


2010-06-15 21:14:53

i saw this and cried with joy.


2010-06-15 21:32:29

two words. Tanooki suit.


2010-06-15 21:35:48

this game should be interesting


2010-06-15 21:36:31

I like the idea, as long as it's pulled off well. You did an impeccable job animating your dream; if the games really were crossed over like they were in your dream, that's exactly how they would play. I think if Ken has the same ability and drive to code the game as you did to make the animation, there should be no worries how it turns out.


2010-06-15 21:54:31

Hmm....Good call.But then,will it be a demo at first? Its kinda hard to make a dream-based game.Plz tell me,are you gay?

Jk jk,its kinda hard to remember dreams,even so,i could help with the ideas.Er....get to name ur character? High score list? Online Multiplayer? Brawl? SONIC!/!??!!? Im jking,anyways;Good Luck me Chuck ol' dream chucker with a dreaming attitude chuck ol' friend witch dream problems!



2010-06-15 22:40:57

I'm no good at coming up with ideas, but It definately sounds cool.


2010-06-15 23:22:04

Loved the flash! Great idea and execution!
As for the game you should definitely get in touch with explodingRabbit (the guy who did the Super Mario Crossover game) to possibly co-produce it.
His project was done so smoothly and is a ton of fun to play, I just figured that you guys would go hand in hand as flash artists!
Just an idea, I can't wait to see what you come up with!


2010-06-15 23:49:46

I shat out my cock.


2010-06-16 00:59:09

I wanted a game as soon as I saw the vid! You should add some kirby stuff, and maybe river city ransom, and it'd be perfect!


2010-06-16 02:17:07

Sounds like fun.


2010-06-16 02:26:31

Really, the only idea that I can come up with so far is to maybe incorporate one level where you can fly like Captain Skyhawk (one of my personal favorites), and when you get to the end of that level, have the sprite parachute out of the plane and into the next level. That next level could be a Super Mario Bros. 3 desert scene, seeing as how the desert levels in Captain Skyhawk involved parachuting supplies in designated areas. You could simply substitute the hero sprite for the supplies.

Believe it or not, this was a dream I had just last night. Is it playable? I'm not very sure, but it IS, indeed, an idea. I have several more ideas for levels and regions/worlds, but nothing much else on the technical side.

I would also like to echo xPaleRiderx's suggestion in trying to bring in explodingRabbit to help, along with your friend Ken, with the programming if possible, due to his near flawless success with "Super Mario Bros. Crossover", which had a similar project objective. What is amazing is that both projects came out within a mere month to a month-and-a-half of each other. Quite the coincidence, right?

Anyways, I think the decision you have made for this project moving forward is a remarkable one, Mike and could very well be the greatest creation to EVER grace the Flash Portal of Newgrounds.

You have my (and the majority of this site's) undying and full support in this endeavor and we all wish you the best of luck!

--Andrew T


2010-06-16 05:39:26

I have an idea for the game: Since you actually score points for kills and such in all four of the games you went through (Contra, Ms. Pac-Man, Balloon Fight and SMB3), with the boss fight being the only exception, why not try and keep the score coherent between each game? It would make it a bit more interesting and people could challenge each other to beat each other's scores.


2010-06-16 07:21:48

your video was just a big nostalgia jerkoff so if youre gonna make a game of it just rip off the games in the video you faggot


2010-06-16 10:30:23

With medals, plz.


2010-06-16 14:34:51

I recommend you to play your beta version over and over again so you can find bugs by yourself or see if the game is too hard/easy. Many games lack this so for example in a defense game where you can´t win at some point or don´t have to to do something at all. I reccomend introtucing powerups durinff lvl 1 and maybe a last more powerup or weapon at lvl 3. But of course don´t get yourselfed pushed by what we (the fans) want! It´s your game after all


2010-06-16 16:14:43

was i the one who told you :3


2010-06-17 13:22:24

I want the game your mentioning above. I would also love to see River City Ransom in an awesome thing like the Retro Dream.


2010-06-20 12:37:50

WOW!IF It's as awesome as the video it would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-06-22 16:29:48

Love the idea i think a couple things you could add would be like a star mode like in mario or a werewolf mode like in the game... werewolf lol. Umm maybe a level creater mode? Random weapon upgrade ie like in mario where u hit the box thats got mushroom then flower then star etc. just goes on timing to grab it. Don't know if any of this helps but if you need a little help im willing good luck.


2010-06-27 19:54:30

cool, I cant wait to see a series of movies/games cause retro games cant be beat in gameplay.


2010-07-04 10:25:32

That would be awesomely retro!


2010-07-05 20:26:08

wow awesome flash video you have a real talent : D i would deff play your game if you guys released one : DD