Music cuts off suddenly? Any Ideas?

2010-06-11 13:51:02 by OrinCreed

Ok so a few people have told me that the music stops playing suddenly in level 1 and 4 of the IDIR animation. I'm not sure why since the music they refer to plays for the length of the scene until a kill frame at the end. Any ideas why it might be doing that for some people?

Is it perhaps because if was published as a flash player 9 file and they are using an older version of flash player? Would it help if I republished as a flash 8 project and reuploaded? I hate being new to this crap still.



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2010-06-11 22:48:48

id say older version flash player does that and i listened to it on my laptop * wich has older version and it did taht * but on my tower it dosent and it works and its awsome !


2010-09-21 20:34:28

You may want to set your music synchronization to stream. Sure, it may cause frameskip, but I would rather have that over music ending before the movie.