Computer on the blink and a ton of request for IDIR the game.

2010-06-07 11:28:12 by OrinCreed

EDIT 06-07-2010 @ 6:17PM:

Hopefully people will see this because feedback would be a big motivator. OK so my friend is coming over tomorrow to help me riddle out whats wrong with my machine. This friend also happens to be a talented programmer... I'm sure you can see where this is headed.

Now nothing is set in stone here and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up prematurely, but he seems up to translating my animation into a game. I guess the big question is this. Because this would be our first shot at making something like this would you guys be OK with a direct translation? Do you think that would be to short or would it still be cool? Also it might not be in flash format but I would definitely put up a trailer here with a link to it.

Let me know what you think and thanks for the support.


OK looks like my computer is sick or dying...not cool. This is going to slow down progress on IDIR 2 until I can figure out what the hell is going on. Thankfully I have my current progress backed up.

A lot of people have been saying I should make IDIR into a playable game. I have no knowledge of coding or scripting but I've been putting a lot of thought into either learning it or asking my friend to lend a hand. I mean I already have the assets from the animation. No promises though, just something to think about. This would also have to wait until my computer is working again.

I'll try and upload something once my computer is restored. Maybe one of my shorter sprite themed video replies to YouTube celebrities. Thanks again for all the great comments and feedback.

-Mike R


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2010-06-07 19:38:33

Hey, you might want to repost this, but check the "Front Page" box before posting, so it shows up on the stream on the left of the front page. Hope you have some success making the game. It would be crazy complicated, but amazing if done right. GL


2010-06-07 20:07:07

--This game sounds really cool, but I'm not sure if a direct translation is reasonable. Not only would it be too short, but with all the different possible actions it might be neigh impossible. I've looked over the animation again and some parts, like the Pac/Bomber Man and the third section( the parachuter one), should be pretty simple, and with a little work and creativity, you might figure out a consistant control scheme for the Contra and Fishrider parts (I'd suggest arrow keys to move/aim, Z to jump for Contra and charge/spit fire for Fishrider, X to shoot for Contra and and throw hammer for Fishrider, C to throw axe in Contra, and maybe Space for bionic arm?), but other parts won't be as easy. The fish-feeding section in the Parachute-Man level will need additional instruction and will need to be elaborated upon to become a full-fledged minigame. As for the Mega Man boss level, the difficulty itself will make it hard to pull off. Furthermore, every level in the game will need its own instructions, which frankly just aren't worth wording if it's going to be as short as planned. Maybe for the Mega Man boss, there could be a button timed, Stabika-like sequence, and for level size, maybe you could combine each level of IDIR with concepts from IDIR 2 in order to elongate them. No matter what, it's going to take a good amount of work, but an IDIR game could be outstanding if you can pull it off.

P.S. If you don't know what Stabika is, it's a game/animation hybrid you can find here on Newgrounds, just type it in the Search bar.


2010-06-07 21:24:28

If the engine you are using is completely incomprehensible, you might want to start with the basics and use this program I found at I started out using it a long time ago and it really helped me start out. It does nine tenths of the work for you, and its really easy to use! It could help you out a lot with the IDIR game!


2010-06-09 16:28:34

A game would be pretty rad.

If your friend doesn't wanna help, there are plenty of willing newgrounders who program to help you, go visit the BBS man!


2010-06-09 21:22:58

I really think you should make idir into a game even if it is a direct translation it would be awesome and well.... awesome you should try to get your friend to do it or try to learn how to program


2010-06-10 06:31:02

I told you that it was going to be in the top 50 of the portal. ;)

A playable version of the game would be very well received, even if it was short. Look at how much support Super Mario Bros Crossover has received.

OrinCreed responds:

I still can't believe IDIR has done this well. SMBCO is the full game though, so I can see why that ones pretty popular. As for a game version of IDIR a few poeple have suggested I start with the levels from the dream and add to it as I make more episodes. Sounds like it could be a good idea.


2010-06-10 16:42:36

Hey, Nice video and all, I was wondering, what was the name of the first game you had a dream about(a.k.a. The one you were playing in real life)?

OrinCreed responds:

Thats Bionic Commando on NES. The game is pretty good but also pretty hard. I'd say give it a shot if you can find it. They also did a solid remake for xbox live called Bionic Commando ReArmed :)


2010-06-11 08:53:26

Is your dream to develop 2d games or 3d games? I didn't quite understand what you meant with your profile description.

OrinCreed responds:

Both. Doesn't matter to me as long as I end up making fun games. :)