Thanks for the awesome welcome!

2010-06-03 20:15:25 by OrinCreed

Seriously thanks for all the great comments and making me feel welcome to the site. Once I get a chance I'll look over all the comments and try to answer any questions you guys asked. It's really great to see how well my first upload has resonated with people here. For those who requested and asked if I was making a sequel, IDIR 2 is in the works but it's going to be a while. I don't have a lot of free time lately so I only get to work on it in small doses.

That being the case I was thinking about uploading some shorter flash videos in the mean time. They are in the same theme as IDIR and were made as reply videos to The Happy Video Game Nerd and Awesome Video Games on YouTube. Both led to collaborative works which I will also post. I just hope they are interesting enough to survive judgment.

Thanks again for the great welcome and I'll try to hammer out IDIR 2. I just hope it lives up to the first. :)

-Mike R


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2010-06-03 23:56:56

Great job dude, look foward to your next work. Thanks for checking out my flash :D


2010-06-04 05:54:22

IDIR 2?! You should think about adding a Mother game. 8D


2010-06-06 01:19:16

Hello Mr. Mike. My name is JojoMon. It's nice to meet new friends here on Newgrounds. I just saw your animation and it was awesome! Thanks for the quality animation man. Happy Dreaming! :D


2010-06-06 12:37:55

Hey Mike,
I just stopped by to praise your art/animation skills and to suggest an idea. Rather than create a new animation maybe you could make IDIR a game, I'm sure with a good programmer it would be great and you could make revenue if you host it from NG. Anyways good luck.